The last sprint

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In one month and half this adventure will end up to start a new one. Anyway, the adventure never stops, until you stop. The last week I had free and I was in Bucharest to make papers for the visa. I was staying in the house of another EVS volunteer. It was really nice to stay there with the friends. Bucharest is full with volunteers…well… was. Now half or more of the volunteers already finished their project. Some others are making the final report and completing the Youthpass. Other people are waiting for their project to be approved to come to Romania. And we are about to finish. For those who are about to begin, they don’t know yet how much this will change their lives. Well. The past Sunday we went for another bike tour. It was damn hot, but was easier than the last one. I think we did around 55 km with the bikes with a lot of stops. I discovered to my surprise, my bike was changing the speed alone with the holes of the road, and when we were going down from the mountain the brake from behind got broken and I was going down praying and stopping with the one in front. Really exciting. Also another thing we have done is to put wood flowerpots in the park. We painted them with used oil and one red/brown pigment. I just hope the kids don’t decide to use them as a playground. And another day we went to Perkő, and of course it was hot. It was a traditional festival up there and we went to put our stand next to the Red Crux. Unfortunately people was not really interested but in the festival and the food. But it was good to be there enjoying. Tomorrow I am organizer for the green school and I’m thinking to make a karate Shotokan lesson for the kids. I hope it works. Let’s see! I almost forget! I have a wedding this weekend!!! Will be really nice to assist to a traditional wedding! Clara.

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