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  None of us have a problem with death. we all think we will die when we are old.  why we are thinking about death? You are asking to me now... What are you talking about? l am want say to something about Middle East. Because death is a destiny for children in the Middle East.

  Every folk mourns thinking about the past.  Please know that the past is past and abstain from supporting pro-war countries. Your only concern is what am l to eat today? or where am l to hang out today ?

  That the region is a Muslim l do not care, Yes I am a Muslim but primarily I am a human being. This world is enough for all of us, why are these wars? For oil? for more space?  I also question my own humanity as I see the people who see violence in this world and l can not stand.

  I rebel against Zionism in the name of atrocities committed against the people of the Middle East.

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