Just a week

In one week I am going to Spain. I would like to go back to Spain. I have changed my mind and in Spain everything has changed but not in the same way that me. I will need On Arrival Training.

I finish the project with the same feeling than I started it, with fear and emotion because I do not what future will bring me. I can´t be sad because it is over, I smile because it happened. It was difficult but not impossible. I spent time alone and it was useful to know more by myself. Also I have met a lot of persons, some of them, I would have preferred not to met these people but also I have met interesting and lovely people. Each one of them taught me something different and I won´t forget it. I need to say thank you all members of the association, especially my mentor László Kónya, Ráduly Attila and Derzsi Katalin. I will miss them but I will go back like Gema Puerma Castillo

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