Half goes, half remains

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Six months run away. Time to take stock. In February when I told to my people my plans to live here, they felt full of worries, now everybody agree that this was a great idea, I specially believe it.  People usually act like this; they used to say that you cannot do it, and when you did, they used to ask how you did. 

I’m glad to my project, to the people who I’m sharing my day in day of, and to this area full of nature.
Getting involve into a community one is the only chance to discover by first-hand how other people live, what they think, and how can you bring something helpful to them according to your experience and knowledge. Although I feel sometimes that this region has a long way to go, in infrastructures, and in the way of thinking, I’m learning about everything, and that makes me feel lucky.

  • I have learnt a lot of useful things about how one organization is working, how to organized events for different age targets, and learn a lot about non formal education in schools and camps in the field of the environment, enhancing the skills already learned and learning new techniques and games very useful in the field of the education, one of the target of this year.
  • I have improved my language skills, especially in English. Furthermore, I’ve learnt basic Romanian and some Hungarians words, something quite hard to me. 
  • I’ve managed to develop important computer skills; make designs with Adobe Photoshop, movies with Adobe Premiere, or magazines with Adobe InDesign now has become into an easy task.  
  • I’ve travelled a lot. With my mate of live, Silvia, we reach very different parts of this country; Suceava and Bucovina monasteries, Piatra Neamnt, Targu Neamt, Iasi, Costanta, Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Timisoara, Tulcea, Vama Veche, Mamaia and Transfagarasan.  We went into the most beautifull castles; Corvin Castle (Hunedoara), Peles Castle (Sinaia), or Bran Castle (Bran).

    And in this last 6 months, beside to Romania, we cross the border few times to go to Austria, Hungary, Moldova and Bulgary. Tomorrow we are leaving to Serbia and Montenegro

    In our blog we still update every trip. 

Summing up, I only can say thank you to everyone who is doing of this experience something that will last forever. 
I hope the comming six months will be equally good, or even better.

A big hug.

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