EVS project or Why people don't fly like birds?

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I've been thinking about it a lot lately. And really, why don't people fly? Imagine how great that would be! You miss your home and flapping your wings, waving for hours you're home. You want to see Arad once or twice, and you're already in another city. You are late for work-it does not matter, you can fly in a few seconds!

Seriously, as a child, the dream of flying like birds is very pragmatic - it seems to us that it would be surprising if people had wings and could fly anywhere. Over time, the desire to have wings is transformed, becomes more symbolic – in difficult or unpleasant psychological situations, it seems, the only possible option for successful development of events is flying like a bird.

And to paraphrase, "Why are people not free?". What leaves all of us at the workplace we do not like, at the city and the people who we do not like? The answer is fear.

I am increasingly convinced of this. We are afraid of the unknown, we are afraid that it will be worse than now, we are afraid of ourselves. EVS project is a great opportunity to try, take a step into the unknown and find out what you are capable of. We are all free, but not everyone understands that.

We drive ourselves into the framework, hiding in stereotypes and lies "as it should be. "Man is free when he is free to do what pleases him. The project gives you the opportunity to taste life from an unknown side, to bite off a tasty morsel and enjoy it in full.

You know, sometimes I feel like I'm the bird that escaped from hand and flew......on EVS project.


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