EVS didn't change my life, it changed me

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I arrived to Kézdivásárhely 11 months ago, in the middle of April and now my EVS going to finish after 5 days. I arrived with motivation and hope for make something good. And now I am going back with amazing feelings. EVS completely changed my mind, my life and my own world. My volunteering life showed me that if you take risks, if you get out of your ‘comfort zone’, it pays back. You only need to open yourself to new people, new experiences and new opportunities.

Even different language is not barrier and if you are open for new life. And this is one of fantastic part of EVS. Looking back I can feel that I have changed, I grown in personal and professional sphere, I get a great idea for my career and at the same time I realized myself in whole new light. I met with amazing persons, some of them became my best friends. And now may be they will not be close in kilometers, but they always will be close to my heart. Maybe I am one of the rare volunteers, who's during her EVS project became Godmother. And this feelings are amazing. This chapter of my life, which changed me is almost closed. I can feel that I did something special no just for me, no also for others too. And the end I would like to say thank you for everybody, my friends and organisation.

Thank you for your smiles, for love and attention, positive energy. I will miss everybody, even I will miss me as an EVS volunteer, because I know that I'll never be this way ever again...The worst part of your EVS is to say goodbye.

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