Today, in the Green Sun Association of office we prepared Peace Day. We are going to recite poetry about peace in our mother tongue. Poetry says peace is built from down below, in our home. We can´t have a country in peace if we are not kind with our neighbours.Today I also talked with my parent always respect me. Although they dislike some of my decisions, they smiled when I told them I was going to London for 4 months or when I told them I was going to Transylvania for 1 year; they don´t like my boyfriend but they are friendly with him.

I am from Spain, we have a different culture but we do not live in a dictatorship. I am trying to tell you we are free, but your parents make a decisions for you. They buy your clothes, they tell you what time you must come back home and they decide who makes you happy. They choose for you. They live your life. They can give you some advice but you have the last word. You must find some reasons to wake up with a big smile. You must enjoy your life because one day all will finish and nobody will remember you because the freeedom to make mistakes is what makes you really free.

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