Crazy Holidays!

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Is very difficult to start this blog article.. since the last entry passed a lot of things but I will try to explain some of them (and of course, everything was good, except  Moldova country!!).

All began in Sibiu, a very beautiful city and a wonderful hotel with a lot of volunteers. We went to On Arrival Training and the aim of that is to know more about EVS  and also about other organizations and other volunteers. I learnt a lot in that week, we did some activities in different teams about how will be this year and discover the culture of all people. Now I feel that I grew up, I know more things about other countries and now I have new good friends and I miss them a lot but I’m sure that we will meet again next month. For me that week was incredible and very useful to know more about Romania and the volunteer life, so I’m waiting for the next training.

I didn’t sleep a lot in Sibiu I chose to spent more time with new people, is better than sleep.. so when the On Arrival Training finished I was very tired and a little bit sad..  the good thing of that was that a Dacia Logan (the best car in the world and made in Romania!) was waiting for us to discover the good roads in the northeast of Romania and Moldova country. I slept one night in Kezdivasarhely and Sunday morning Enrique and me started our travel.

We discovered very amazing places.. for example Bucovina Monasteries were very nice, very different than monasteries in Spain. All of them were with “frescos” inside and outside and I could feel fresh air in that places because were some of them in the middle of the forest... After that we went to Iasi and I liked a lot.. with good pubs and young people but the best of this travel was Chisinau , capital of Moldova (I don’t know why but sounds like Chinese..) and yes.. the best city on the world, police very polite and with good roads (..and of course is irony!!) crazy country but I will not say nothing, is good if you know that!! You need to feel the rude police, the big holes without road by car and yes the parks were good and also a big market with fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and meat.. but its all. I missed a lot Kezdi.

After Moldova we went to Danube Delta and was one of my best experience, I thought that was small but its very very very big and amazing. We saw very  different species of birds and we ate tasty fresh fish. We spent three days there but one was in the mechanic (is better don’t ask..) and the others were to do a trip through Danube and feel the life of the people who lives there.

So.. it’s all, I arrived yesterday but I need sleep  at least three continuous days!

I missed this life also, so it’s time to come back to the rutine and enjoy with the children and learn all days something new.wink

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