Best things never repeats again

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Autumn started very good. This autumn I was in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and crossed Bulgaria too. The best thing in the world is  to travel with good people. Almost 2900 km which we crossed were nothing to compare with hot atmosphere and good mood between us.
Montenegro is one amazing country. There are amazing castles, monasteries and of course landscape. Of course during traveling happening also funny things which are making that days unforgettable. For me unforgettable dogs, as usual.. We had fun, enjoyed the beautiful country and cities and of course the sea. By the way I first time come into the sea overcome the fear witch I had since childhood.
In Dubrovnik (Croatia) we were in old town and visited the castle. In that castle was shoted film ’’Game of trones”. That was the Lanestr’s castle.
When we went back to Serbia there was very cold like in winter. But the house was very nice in the forest.
And now we are again in Romania, in Kezdivasarhely. We have a lot of things to do, a lot of work. And also in October coming my friend from Germany and in October I also have national evening.. So interesting days are coming.

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