Beauty Concept

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  Today, the ideal of beauty appears to be a women's issue which is only related to appereance, provoking the consumption desire and making women obsessed with their own bodies. As regards the problem of woman becoming a consumption commodity under the beauty enforcement, it is important to examine certain processes and the structures that generate them.

The media, affirming a passive woman identity within the established woman’s roles, including also beauty, plays an active role for transmission of ideals. In this study, in analyzing the media’s function for the process of objectification,people with divergent beliefs, ideas and orientations have been interviewed to get a better understanding of the problem. In the light of the responses received, the study takes attention to the aspects pointed at through the presentations of solutions instead of claiming to solve the problem. Indeed, these aspects should be evaluated in terms of their power to show social deficiencies rather than their ability or inability to solve the problem.

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