Autumn in his role

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Now, that end of October is here, the days are becoming shorter, the nights are coming sooner and the streets are covered by a light carpet of colorful leaves. Autumn take his role. Although is not my favorite season, because even if you don`t have a reason you can became sad.  Can we speak about autumn depression?? Would it be…..hmm…maybe J, but definitely it is not about me.

Here I feel satisfied, because I feel my self useful. First because I finished with the editing of the newspaper.  It was not a hard job…but a long one, where I needed to be patient , witch is not so easy for me from time to time. But, now, I know how to edit a newspaper, I can make a newspaper. The second because I improved a lot my English skills. Even if the UK in the following years will be not member of EU, and most probably the English will not be one of the official languages, a lot of people are speaking so is very useful to speak it. And the third reason, because summer holiday is over in the schools so we started again the activities in Manna shelters, in Kezdkiovar, etc. I like that activities a lot. There can be nothing better than the smile of the children’s and the happiness in their face.  In these schools we are welcomed very warmly. Some of the children’s are orphans or they are coming with fewer economical backgrounds or have mental disabilities, so yes, they need love and care. And finally I started to make my poster for the Armenian Club. I am trying to finish it as soon as possible because I am impatient to start to present my language and my culture in a wild circle. Also I am starting to design a poster for the Armenian national evening. That is also not a secret how impatiently I am waiting for that event to start.

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