In Spain, I live in small village, Cuevas del Campo. Every 2nd October, we celebrate Angel´s day. It is a religious festivity. Everybody goes to church. Some voluntaries share out bread. It is a day for enjoying and taking a rest. Everybody dances, sings and drinks.

          This tradition began in the 17th century. Later, there was a severe drought and an infestation of locust which ate our harvest. The result was that the population had nothing to eat and they died. The local government tried to eliminate the insects by usuing noise, smoke or by burying and burning their swarms, but they couldn´t control the infestation. The population died of famine and illnesses. They didn´t Know what to do. They were helpless. They needed a solution, for that, they made a promise: if the plague disappeared, that day nobody would be hungry. Since then, we have celebrated Angel´s day.

          I miss Spain  and for that reason I wanted to share this festivity with you. 

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