On December 28th is the Holy Innocent´s Day in Spain. Everybody plays jokes. That day,  last year, I read an e-mail from Ráduly Attila. The e-mail said: “the project was accepted. We will meet in April”. The first moment, I thought: it is a joke. But later I looked at the date and it was from the day before.

 From April to now, I have lived a lot of different moments. My brothers and my uncle visited me. My friend of my childhood visited me too. Hitchiking, meeting new persons and knowing a new culture, visiting new places and being late many times for the bus back to Kézdivásárhely. When you are late for a bus and you need to speak with people who can´t speak English or Spanish, your first thought is: “I hate Romania” but when you arrive at home, safe and sound, you think: Ilove Romania. I could get back by myself! I have survived! This moment and when I celebrated my birthday for the first time with friends from Hungarian are the best moments for me.

  I like the experience of living abroad, it is sometimes difficult but Ráduly Attila, Derzsi Katalin and all the member of Green Sun Association make it easy.

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