1st August. Smile!

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Today, 1st of August, after a new attempt of storm without even a drop of water, the crickets do not stop singing below the window of our cozy Petofi Sandor apartment.  Good for people going to do outdoor activities, but not so good for those who are expecting water in fields, like us.

A lot of experiences since last time I wrote here. One old man said once, if something bad happens, travel to forget it, if something good happens, travel to celebrate, if nothing happens, travel for something to happen, and that is what we usually do, when we can collect some days and some money, we take the bag regardless of the target. We were lucky last month because my mother decided to join us travelling a few more for Transilvania, so the money issue this time, was less. After visiting Brasov Sighisoara and Sibiu, we crossed the roof of Romania by the Transgaragasan road, one of the most amazing places here with no doubt. Browse the entire road is a real adventure.

After it, was time to the sea. We reach Mamaia and Costanza, and we didn’t leave the seaside until Sozopol in the neighbour country. In our trip we found some of the most beautifull place I’ve ever been in this year, and maybe in my whole life, especially in Bulgary. Hooking the tent in places like Vama Veche, Kaliakra Cape, Balchik, Nessebar, Sunny beach, Sozopol… was simply amazing.

Some pictures will be uploaded to our blog in the following days.

And now, we are thinking in present again. This month just started is bringing forward a full range of activities like; my brother is coming, one summer camp by GSA, the mid-term evaluation of the EVS and the last but not the least, the Kezdi city days. This only mean that August is going to run fast, according to the Olympic Games which are starting in a few days.

A big hug to everybody interested in this articles.

Enjoy the life, there is only one.

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