’’For when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a New Armenia’’ (William Saroyan)

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The begining of October was full for me. My friend come from Germany to visit me, and I made new armenian friends in Bucharest.

And finally I can say I saw Bucharest. I can’t say that I wonder with that city, I expected to see more. But I saw the most important think in Bucharest (for me)- Armenian church, Armenian district. In Armenian church I felt myself like  home. The church was very similar with Echmiatsin church in Armenia, maybe because of it was so vernacular. . In church  every Sunday are holding liturgy. And that time a lot of Armenians from Bucharest and not only goes there. And also there spoke armenian. Yes that is other armenian (westernarmenian) but in any case that was mineI. n Armenian district now are living just few armenians.And we could guess their houses due t the ornaments.

In Bucharest I met one armenian girl who was born in Romania,in Covasna county. She is very smart girl and knows a lot about our culture. That is really nice when someone who even wasn’t in her or his own motherland so interested in it and knows a lot about it. Also she is very proud with her roots.

After visiting Bucharest me and my friend visit Brasov. She likes it very much. Of course I like that amazing city but for me it isn’t something new. For my firend it was new. We visit the Drakula’s castle. For me it was second time. But this time I saw the tortures room where Drakula tortured people because last time it was close. Auwful to think what felt that poor people who appeared in that room.

 Always is good when you are going somewhere and you know that you are expected there,some people are happy to see you. And finally in Kezdi I met my friends. I was in holidays also few days and my friend left, she went back to Germany. So, now I am full of energy and power and ready to work again.

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