Christmas time!

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Almost middle of December and I’m here enjoying a warm tea looking how the life is going on. In two days I'm taking a plane to Vigo so it’s a very different week for me. I can`t imagine how things have changed there so I'm excited to see it!! Fresh and cold air from Atlantic Ocean will provide me that energy enough to face with the final stretch of the project. Next blog article I will have a lot of things to say but now I only can speak about past so let`s start with the team building!!

After last blog entry, the local volunteers (and of course EVS) went to Balvanyos resort to enjoy some time together. In the middle of mountains was good to get relax with that landscape and walk until the famous sulfur cave in the area. The best for me was enjoy outside walking meanwhile snowflakes where falling down and in spite of the fact thar I was already there in summer, this time I could delight myself with a different landscape.

Finally we went to Bucharest and it’s the perfect example of how messy can be a city (I need to say that I hate big cities so I went there because it’s the capital, nothing more,,). I had read in a newspaper that Bucharest has a big problem with the pollution and It was easily to realize because was full with cars and traffic jams everywhere, in fact was difficult to walk without any horn sounding around. Enrique and I had the chance to take a free walking tour to know more about monuments and Romania history and it was really amazing (I could realize how mi English change until now, I could understand everything). The guide transmitted to us all the feelings when the dictatorship was over Romania so was very interesting to listen about it and moroover, we could understand some nowadays thoughts of people living there.

One more time I could present Galicia, but this time was in Kezdi. Was good to share some traditions and look the strange faces with some typical food from my area. Again we cooked Spanish omelette and Santiago´s de Compostela cake and like last time we didn’t come back home with anything so was good. This Wednesday we will have the chance to find out Armenia and that is going to be interesting because they have a quite different culture, so we will see.

I'm very busy these days so it's time to say bye bye and wish you a happy Christmas! 

26 December I will come back full of energy!

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