Children’s Day Activities for the members of the Pro Special Association

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The Green Sun Association received a request to organize interactive, and at the same time entertaining activities on children’s day for the Pro Special Association’s members and their families. The event started with a short introduction of the activity calendar, after that began the fun part in the hallway of the Kicsid Gábor Stadium: a series of activities to music. The photos of the event are available on our Facebook page.

The Green Sun Association’s president, Ráduly Attila and the ESC volunteers of the Heal the Earth project welcomed the families and engaged in the games as well. This whole event was about spending quality time with each other, singing together and having fun. During the event the children had the possibility of taking part in different team activities and trying out themselves in various games. Passing the obstacle course was not a problem for them, they helped each other in need and even their parents participated in the activities.

We would like to thank Gothár Melinda for the invitation and also the Pro Special Association for showing so much enthusiasm and being very active.

Photo: Farkas Orsolya and Halis Özcan