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Silvia Blanco Gonzalez

New life, new adventures!

 Let’s move project is over and I have more than one reason to be proud of have lived this experience. First of all I want to say thank you to each person that I met during this 12 months, specially my little Jenyta, Attila and Katika to keep almost during all year my motivation at high levels and enjoy and deal with me in good and bad moments. Enrique of course was the main piece there, so also I must to say thank you, finding out more incredible things from him that were unknown before starts this adventure. My year in Kezdi will be a experience that I will remember all my life, being until now one of the best.

Two weeks..

 This morning I woke up not so active, I was dreaming that I was scuba diving so was sooooo relaxed and I wanted more but the reality hits me, and of course I have to do a lot of things. Last weeks in Kézdi will be too busy for me because I must to do the Youthpass, a certificate where appears in it all the new things that I learned during last 11 months. It´s a very good way to recognize this volunteering program and also will be helpful for next applications, both for study or seek a job.

Sun sun sun where are you?

Cold, cold and more cold. When temperatures in this city will raise 0ºC??? I like to feel freeze but I recognize that I´m missing a lot a softer winter.

Going back to the routine!

After a very good holidays I only can be full with energy for continue with the end of the project in Romania. Cold weather gave me the chance to feel how is live in this conditions, so I only can say that I´m very proud to have clothes and a house to live in, It´s hard to know that a lot of people is dying due to the cold wave and nobody does nothing for it. As I said in the previous article, Enrique and I went to Poland 8 days where thermometer hardly changed from -20ºC, besides snow was getting wet our clothes during some days and whilst, our minds where imagining some bad moments that Polish people had over time. Maybe I can´t say that was my best travel until now because every country or city has some special, but Poland transmitted me a lot of feelings, goods and bads, and above all made me see how cruel the human can be.

Let it snow!

2016​ is almost over and I can't say any bad thing of this year, I'm afraid of 2017 because it will be difficult to improve the last one. December started in the correct way, visiting Bucharest, which was the first important event this month.

Christmas time at home could not have been better, after 10 months in Romania was strange to come back but, although return cannot be bad due to always find a lot of good moments with the family, friends and of course food on the table.

Now it's the turn of Poland, the first time that I will be out from home in this festive date, but my best travel mate Enrique will be with me. Another country to find out and surely a lot of pictures for remembering next years. Hopefully we will be able to eat 12 grapes, like Spanish tradition says, because if not its bad luck!

Christmas time!

Almost middle of December and I’m here enjoying a warm tea looking how the life is going on. In two days I'm taking a plane to Vigo so it’s a very different week for me. I can`t imagine how things have changed there so I'm excited to see it!! Fresh and cold air from Atlantic Ocean will provide me that energy enough to face with the final stretch of the project. Next blog article I will have a lot of things to say but now I only can speak about past so let`s start with the team building!!

Sunday morning

It’s a day to listen Velvet Underground and be flying during all day, with my headache and the virus attacking me I only can sing loudly “Sunday morning and I`m falling I´ve got a feeling I don´t want to know, early dawning, Sunday morning”. How amazing could be this day if would spend sewing and getting better at home… buuut I can´t! It’s a work day and we have a big event: the photo contest, my first poster was to promote this so I must go and enjoy with the amazing shots of moving, there are really good pictures!


After all, snow is here!! I’m getting warm near the heater whilst snowflakes are falling on the trees, how relaxing it is! When you are not use to delight with this, the child who is inside you appear, waiting to enjoy with a white landscape. I hope there will be more days like this again.

Time runs...

 Another month is over and like March cold is trying to get inside my body whilst sun disappears so early. Two days ago a wicked virus made me feel sick but with garlic and a good amount of honey I killed it (hopefully I get rid of it because is hard to work with children when you feel sick).

Waiting for snow...

 Many years ago, I couldn`t imagine my life as it nowadays is, in the middle of Romania during one year and being one of my best years until now. I traveled a lot, I knew different cultures, met new people and also how is working environmental protection in another areas. This adventure is gradually ending and that means start another; studying again what I want. After maybe try to find a job (abroad because there isn´t in Spain and also I prefer in another country) and always keeping travel time, that for sure, next year I have another country to find out and a different view of Atlantic Ocean to delight myself. (Hopefully one day will appear north Norway in my future and banging masts noise will accompany me during evenings... who knows..). Everybody must do what they want, and that in rare cases happens; like one notebook that Paula gave me before come: “dare to live your own adventure”


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