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Melissa Öller

Amazing time goes to an end!

That's my last blog, and it's from all the blog's the most hardest to write. I just have three days left, after that I will go back home to Austria. Of course I'm looking forward to go home to see my family and my friends again, and to hug them.I really miss them already a lot! But in the other side it's really hard to say here „Goodbye“. I'm really nervous, and stressed this last days.

Only three weeks

Now I only stay here just for three months, after that my Evs time is over. The time was passing really fast, one year is nothing. It was a fantastic year for me, and I would choose again to be a Volunteer. I really don't regret it! Of course there were not always good moments, but thats everywhere, there are good moments and bad ones also. Important is to collect and remember always the good moments. I'm already looking forward to go home, to see my family and my friends. I miss them already a lot. It will be a great moment to hug them all again and to spend a lot of time with them.

Getting better and better

In this time my blog will be not very long I think.., because i spent the last week in the hospital, and there happened nothing really exciting. Thats the hospital. So always be happy, to be healthy. Is really one of the most important thing in life, to be healthy. I have since one month problems with my stomach, and is really not funny. I already was thinking, i have to go back to Austria, but now i can stay until the end. Thats really good, that I can finish the project. Now i'm getting slowly better, i'm thankful for it, and just hope that it will not come back.

Summer is coming!

Finally Summer is here, the weather is already so good. The last days it was always very hot, sometimes there were thunderstorms, but after it was getting again hot. I like the summer so much, after this long winter it is really good to feel the sun. Now i go every evening outside to go for a walk, or with the bike, or running. I really enjoy to go out when the weather is so good, sometimes I stay until it's getting dark. I have to practice a lot with the bicycle, because on Sunday we will have a big bike tour and I want to be strong for it. I hope the weather will be good.

Happy Evs time

This year was an amazing year for me and I still have two months here. Of course this two months I really want to enjoy as the other last months. I'm so happy that I decided to be a volunteer, and that i have chosen this nice project, in this nice town. I discovered so much new things, I collected new experiences and memories for my life. The time was passing unfortunately very fast, but that always if something is beautiful the time is going fast. I really had until now amazing moment in this country.

Mixed feelings in the first two weeks of may!

Mixed Feelings: Eleven days full of happiness and after that five days being sick. In the beginning of may my family came to visit me here in Romania, and it was a really beautiful time. I enjoyed the time with them. We had beautiful days, and we were travelling a lot. The other thing was not so good, after my parents left Romania, I became sick. I was so sick that I had to go to the hospital, but thats the life! It happens positive things and unfortunately sometimes negative things, but the important thing is always stand up again.

Enjoying this amazing life! ;)

Time is going to fast, but that you can't change. So I just enjoy every moment. I just have three months left, that makes me a little bit sad, because I like it here so much, it's already my second home. But I think this three months will be soo amazing like the other last months, and I will collect a lot of memories and experiences. Next week my family comes to visit me, and I'm really looking forward to see them again. I think they also already waiting for the day, when they can come.

My amazing journey from the last week!

I started my journey last week on Saturday in the morning. At first I was going to Brasov, after that I took the next bus to Sibiu. In Sibiu I had actually an appointment with an other Volunteer, but after 4-5 hours waiting in Sibiu, the Volunteer told me that he will not come with me to Budapest. In this moment I was really mad and sad, I was thinking to go back and I wouldn't see Budapest. If I would known, I would taken the direct bus from Kezdi to Budapest.

Where is the time?

It's already March, I can't believe it. Where is all the time? Why it's passing so fast?! I really enjoyed the last 7 months in this beautiful city. I learned so much things for my life, and until now, I met so nice and amazing people, some of them are really good friends for me, and sure if I have to go back I will miss them so much. I don't want think about it now when I have to go back, because it will be really sad, I'm still here for 4 months, unfortunately not anymore so long but I will enjoy every moment!

Waiting for the Spring..

I have enough from the Winter, please Spring come soon. I'm looking forward to go out for a walk and to enjoy the good weather, without the winter jacket, scarf and the cap. I really miss the warm weather and the sun. I also want to start again to take the bike and make bike tours or make other sports. It's so beautiful, when the flowers are blooming and the butterflies come back, and everywhere the birds a singing, and the trees get new leaves, that's so beautiful. We can start again to travel in Romania, to see more beautiful places, and to meet new people.


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