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Enrique De Paz Miguel

“Do not cry because it is over, smile because it happened”

Well, the end is peaking out. This is going to be surely one of the lasts blog articles for me. Taking advantage that we are working on the youthpass -that official document which prove what you learn and which key competences you powered during this project-, I must to speak about how many learning proved me this year prowling around this area. But it will not repeat all that skills again and again… just to let you know that this was really worthy both at a personal and a pragmatic level.

Who does not risk does not win!

Hello? Hello? Hello? is there anybody in there?

There must be someone according to the statistics of visiting. So… this is for you. I’m going to beg you focus on this post, for your fidelity, your curiosity, your free time, or whatever the reason you are reading this, I’m glad and proud because you are here. Thank you for your time and your random "facebook likes".

Bad weather, good face.

Just arrived from a historical trip around Poland, we find out that the cold wave which is wreaking havoc along Europe has not leave Romania aside. After facing with the lowest temperatures in my whole life (only in a few times the thermometer fell down below -20°C) here we found exactly the same… more snow and cold.

2016, such a pleasure!

One year ago, by this time, one Facebook message from "Attila the boss" - that time i was not sure neither who he really was nor even if attila was his name or surname- saying the project had been approved, hence the 2016 faced amusing and gave me the chance to do something totally different until then. And it didn't disappointed. This year has become in something quite special. I met people all over the world, I discovered as deep as i could both this amazing country and their neighbours all gathering in a really different lifestyle and way of thinking.

Winter is here

Well, the end is peaking up through the horizon and now, after 9 months prowling around these lands, I could say that all is becoming more familiar to me. However, this means that the surprising factor is fading out due to the reason that day by day is harder to find new things. Afterall, this is how life is working. Due to this, I’m looking back and all the experiences and emotions I have collected in the EVS baggage, meanwhile the future is facing harsh and competitive. Because of it, these Christmas days will involve reflexion and, somehow, future plans.

November ember

It is a fact that the climate change is wreaking havoc around the world, and here is not an exception, but still the cold is bringing some snow. In some years, as Leo Di Caprio shows in the new documentary about the climate change called “before the flood”, which I fervently encourage you to watch, the snow will be a luxury to find, belonging exclusively to very special regions.

Enjoy the journey, not the destination.

As I get deeper in the country and their culture I’m discovering new things that are totally killing the stereotypes and prejudices that i had before. Travelling provided you this kind of culture that change your fears and enhance you to be better.

Green sun, enlighten us.

During these days, the sun is coming back home earlier and earlier, and the dark is flooding everything every time sooner. But no worries because as green sun that we are, we shine despite of the yellow one.

Leaves fall down

​Once again, and in this occasion, just arrived for our second camp with the Green Sun Association, I would like to write a bit about in what we are using our time last times.

Holidays done.

Just we arrived from the Adriatic Sea where we enjoyed some time with other members of Green Sun, is time to start thinking in work again. 
But first, I would like to tell how our last trip went on. I have to say that the 14 border controls crossed and every one of the 2900 kilometres that we made in 10 days, totally worth, but I don’t want to drive any more kilometre until I will be in Spain this Christmas, cause yes, I will pass Christmas in family. 


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