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Clara Bejarano Sanchez

Alien, the 2nd passenger

His shadow is projected in the wall while the sundown of the day. The last shy sunlights are coming throw the window while the kids screaming in the street. - Clara went too fast and she forgot about me…- He smashed the end of a cigarette in the table while sighing nervous. - I’m an alien!- The cigarette was breaking in pieces in his fingers- Who could forget an alien!! I mean… look at me! I am smoking!

My last blog entry

Two weeks more! My father is already saying “hurry up and come”. I am doing all the preparations for everything I have to do during the next month, for the departure from Romania, the arrival to home and the next travel.

Wich page of the diary is this one?

Exactly one month is left to finish my volunteer service here in Romania. From all the volunteers I’ve met here this country, almost all of them are back in their respective countries. I´m not sad about this. In fact I´m anxious to finish and continue moving. I will miss Csaba, but I will leave to one country and he will go to another; we already have our own plans for future. But he was and is being my pillar to don’t fall down. I´m glad that I met him.

The last sprint

In one month and half this adventure will end up to start a new one. Anyway, the adventure never stops, until you stop. The last week I had free and I was in Bucharest to make papers for the visa. I was staying in the house of another EVS volunteer. It was really nice to stay there with the friends. Bucharest is full with volunteers…well… was. Now half or more of the volunteers already finished their project. Some others are making the final report and completing the Youthpass.

My creepy dear diary

Yeah why not? I am already like half hour in front of the computer thinking what to write. And as I said the last time in the blog (I think it was the last week?) I feel this like a diary. So I will start it as a diary use to be started in the films… Dear diary… right now I am in the coach under the window open. I wanted to enjoy the thunders of the other night so I decided to go under the window. I just finished now writing the article of the last moving afternoon and I am waiting to have the words in Hungarian to put in the poster for the next bike tour. So I come here to write on you.

Wold of curiosities

We are going to start with the bike tours! This time also I don’t have too much to say. We continue making the green school and the manna shelter, playing with the kids, green sun meetings… I really don’t have anything to say, so I will not talk about what we do. This time I will just write curious things what I found. - The Vatican has much enough money to end global poverty twice. - Seahorses they choose a couple throughout their lives ... when this dies remain alone for a while and die too! (I understand here… love can kill you!)

Super blogger power

I´m almost feeling like if I should start the blog saying “dear diary…”. Anyway, I don’t have too much things to say (again) but I refuse to write 4 phrases and pretend that is a good work. Today is the Earth day (or it was because is already 0:26) and this weekend will be the spring event. We will pick trash, make a contest with the bikes to see who is the slowest, the moving afternoon… and will come also one astrologist to talk a little bit and we will have a “stars night” to look at the sky. It will be really nice.

A Spanish family in the lands of Transilvania

A father and a mother will be always that. Father and mother of someone, and for them their children will be always that. Children. It can be a bold 35 years old men with a beer belly and for his mother it will continue being his children. I was feeling like this this last week. My parents and my aunt came for holydays to visit me and suddenly I was feeling again like if I have 10 years. They don’t want to realize that the children is not anymore a children, and is exhausting, really. But is also a good thing, is good to feel loved.

The blogy blog of a bloger

Winter is like that kind of things you are trying to push out and is always coming back. The good point for this time is that is possible to see beautiful storms with thunders and this stuff, I really would like to see one from the balcony with a hot tea and the lights off. Yesterday we had another Moving afternoon and it was great because a lot of people came and they were doing different things. They were having fun. Some things what we prepared for them worked better and others worst but is normal.

Come what may

The winter is saying goodbye and the sun is coming back. Now the sky have a more brightening color and the snow is out already. But is still possible that is coming one more time, never knows. I never missed so much the sun and the warm weather. We have the same activities so I will not say anything. Just to mention that yesterday we did the Spanish and French event in Ikafalva together. It was too much, too long to make it together. Also I am making a comic related with our theme green life, etc, and is taking also a lot of time, but I like it. Is funny.


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