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Céline Berthier

Last Blog

I'm living in 2 days, So this blog will be my last post here. I just come back from holiday so i wasn't here for the last 2 weeks. This EVS experience was really full of many different things. It have built me. I definitely now more about myself and about what i want in my life. I would like to thanks all the member of the organization, all the people i've met during those 11 month. They have been supported, welcoming and they offer me the opportunity to discover their culture and their region. Now i'm seeking for new adventures, new landscape, new challenge !

Middle of june

The past 2 Week we had a lot of various activities. We had the volunteer garden in sfantu gheorghe. The aim was to present volunteering but we had been chased away by the rain. We had some intervention in the school, and green school and mana shelter as usual. WE started to do the molnar park project : build flower pot and paint them. We had a very huge event : Bike for a good aim. the crowed was very impressive. I enjoyed it a lot. This week was the family health week organised by numerous organisation. We also finished the second edition of the EVS newspaper in english.

End of may

For me the end is very close now.I'm living on the 3rd of july. Some few weeks more and i've got my plane home. I have mixed feeling about it. I think everybody does. My main occupation those day were on the computer : making poster for the moving afternoon and making the newspaper. I also organized the treasure hunt for the moving afternoon of yesterday I stopped the french lesson because it was very hard to do a quality job and i didn't feeled confident in it. I quit learning hungarian and now i'm learn romanian. Which is much more easier for me. Unfortunately I've missed the first bike tour.

Begining of May

In this beginig of the month I was in holiday visiting Romania. I have only 1.5 month here. Time is flying away ! Tomorow I'm going to Cluj Napoca for the volunteer Week. The aim of this event is to promote volunteering. I will present a workshop with nots in a activity-fair. It's a very good thing about EVS, You can participate to other EVS project. There is a real exchange of idea/knowledge/ discovery ! In this moment i'm working on different things : posters, green activity, video making, green games.

End of april

This month was very short because i took some days off to travel. My main occupation during the past weeks was on a project about a public park in the center of the city. The aim of this project is to aware the inhabitants about the assets of the park. I'm a in charge of the tree parts. With Zsolt we went and count down the trees and he identify them. Now I'm doing a map of the park with the different species of trees. This WE we have the spring green days where i will be in charge of picture and video camera.


Spring it's here and it's very nice. It make me happy. I'm longing for the bike tour and the trip I will do soon. I had put air on the wheels and oil on the chain. We're ready. I'm really enjoying the language lesson. Alosi, in those days, I'm doing a upcycling project in magazin paper and I'm very found of manual things.


The time is running so fast. I have only few month left here. Last week I've met with the hungarian scout from romania in Ikafalva. I presented the french scout movement and we played some game. I was very moved because it make me think of my group and those people from it. I miss scouting a lot. The spring is coming slowly, I hope we will not have cold temperatur again. I'm working on my life after EVS, My oportunity for my futur. I'm also planning trip in march and relatives are comming in may and june.

Begining of february

The snow is back in Kezdi. It's really nice. I can see that I'm making progress in Hungarian and it's great object of motivation. I can explain a game to children and say simple sentence. The main issue is the accent : the different a or à. or é and e. When I'm traveling it's hard because I'm mixing the language. but a majority of Romanian people are speaking a good English. With the association we went to a hiking trip in Hargita it was very nice and we were playing with the sledge. I would like to make more trip like this.

Janurary is gone

Christmas seems very far away and in the same time, time run away so fast. During this month I had the French event which was very fun and I liked it a lot. I wonder what people think about it. How can I improve it. I also continued the French lesson. I like this activity so much. I would like to continue but I need to see with my student if they want to. It's so interesting to see the learning process of each one.


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