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During 14-2O July, 2012 the Green Sun Association from Targu Secuiesc organized a one-week study camp at the Anselmo Rest House in Ojtuz. Photos taken at the opening day can be viewed on the Facebook page of the association!

Every thematic day started with some morning exercises, following which, by the help of several trainers the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the concepts of volunteering, the European Union, ecology, first aid, the disadvantaged. Besides designing mottos, logos and hymns, the participants also took part in workshops, and watched PowerPoint presentations. The object of this camp was to help young people coming from a disadvantaged geographical area or social environment to better integrate into society, and to draw attention to those factors that are indispensable in a modern society. Besides the numerous community games, the participants also got an idea of the importance of civil organizational work. They could also find out details about the European Volunteering Service, on the European Union day in the camp. Among the evening programs, the Fashion night and the Karaoke night were everyone’s favorites. On Friday, as a final momentum of the camp, the 34 participants’ fruitful work was rewarded with certificates. The organizers hope that the youngsters realized that just because they live in a different condition than others, if there is a common road, they should start their journey on it; they will succeed, provided they are equipped with the proper amount of will. That is why the project was given the name ‘Equal chances to everyone.’ The coach of the project was Derzsi Eszter, deputy headmistress of Nagyborosnyo Elementary School. The project was realized by the help of the Youth in Action Programme, 1.2 Sub-Action.

Author: Ráduly Attila Photo: Gayane Asatryan Translation: Gyorgy Andrea