I took a break from office work and took a little getaway to Bucharest for the weekend. Going to a city with big malls, cafes, lots of people and of course traffic made me feel at home. I've been living in Targu for about 3 weeks and I'm not used to living in a small city. I realized that I missed the crowd and the noise. I loved the big buildings, historical buildings, big restaurants and nightlife in Bucharest. It reminded me of Mersin. I found Turkish restaurants and met Turks at the end of 3 weeks. I did not expect that I would be so happy to meet the citizens of my own country. 


After long-last working days we got a few days off and decided to go to Constanta through Bucharst. Frankly speaking, my first impression was ambivalent. There are a lot of bulky buildings, a lot of  billboards, also in some places you can notice the post-soviet spirit, and absolutely everywhere you can see all kinds of grafity and street art. At first I thought about vandalism. How can the local authorities allow such kind of  defacement in the heart of the city. But there was nothing to do, our train to Constanta must leave at 5:45 in the morning and, as budget tourists, we had to wander around the city until that time.


On October 6th in Comandău we had our first summer camp (Comandău is located in the mountains, and it is one of highest points in Covasna County). In the camp there were about twenty children from nine to fifteen years old from different villages and cities. 

In my group there were two more Davits besides me, so we called our group 3D group. We organized different events for children all day long, such as physical exercises, team games, drawing and handcraft activities, intellectual games, mathematical competitions and so on. So children enjoyed their camp days, and we too.


Today I will tell you about my impressions about the capital of Romania, Bucharest.

My friends and I hitchhiked there (as you can see, we love this kind of transportation). We were taken to the city center and went to the old town. It was filled with history, culture and tradition. There are many beautiful buildings from different eras and architectural solutions.

There we ate traditional dishes of Sarmale (it reminded me Armenian dolma) and Papanashi (sweet donuts with jam). After eating we walked until the cows come home.

When night fell, the city changed. It seems other people appeared from nowhere who loved nightlife, dancing and drinking.