I often witness how people complain about poor situation because of COVID 19, blame their fate and say that there are miserable conditions for an interesting pastime, at that moment I remembered the story of how we arrived here.


Today I had the opportunity to do an activity that I always wanted to do and never had the opportunity to do. Ice skating has always been a sport that interested me, I especially admired ice skating dancers. Tried this for the first time today, deciding it's much harder than it looks.

People were very professional unlike me. I was also very surprised that older people, especially men, were interested in it. Some mothers were skating with their children, I encountered very sweet sights. I had a very difficult time standing and once I fell, it was a very difficult and painful experience.


Since I was in Romania as a volunteer, I had to attend a compulsory 5-day training. Due to covid, our training took place online. There were participants from various countries such as France, Jordan, Turkey, Italy and Spain. The training was very colorful as our trainers Diana Bere and Dani Prisacariu are high-energy, positive and fun people. 

On the first day, everyone introduced themselves and talked about what they did in the project. I presented my own video, which explains my project comprehensively.

The video was highly appreciated. Since Dani is also a life coach, we started our second day with meditation. I can say that it was my favorite day, I felt very relaxed and peaceful. I needed this.


On October 31 we (Me – Davit and Lilit) were in a mountains. Maybe you will ask so what? This was not an ordinary hiking. In every year, on October 31, local people are going to mountains for making huge fire, praying and singing traditional songs and anthems. While doing this they can see also another local people in other mountains doing the same thing, which is making fire.

As I understood they are doing this for making kind of ‘circle’, to show to the universe that they are one and strong community and they keep their traditions.


On Sunday morning we went on a trip with our new friend Csaba. We really wanted to go to the dog shelter and finally, we did it.

The shelter was located 10 kilometers far from Brasov. At the entrance, we disinfected our shoes and went inside. There was an open aviary where two dogs were walking. When we entered the next door, we saw three large dogs. One of the dogs has sick eyes and he has a cone-shaped thing on his neck (later we found out that the eyes of the dog had been operated on). Then we saw a dog with different color eyes and the back legs were in the pram (the dog was paralyzed), the other dog's head was twisted and some kind of liquid flowed out of its ears (the dog was deaf).