I'm halfway through this project. Looking back, I marvel at how fast time flies. I started a new life from scratch in another country, learned their language and adapted. I believe I did a very good job in 5 months. I haven't been able to do all the things I want to do yet. There are many reasons for this, including weather conditions and inadequate facilities. Even though I stumbled on this road alone, I'm proud of what I've done. Joining this project has taught me life. Maybe it gave me a life experience that I would never have learned in college. After coming to this project, I realized that I had chosen a project for myself. The biggest thing missing in my life was my hobbies and this project gave me maximum activity.


To make lockdown days more interesting and fun we decided to start something new, that people can join from their houses. 
It is already more than a  month we are organizing a quiz club.

It is a very good, intellectual, online game, during which participants are answering fifteen-twenty questions, about different topics. After, we are going through all the questions, and share our feelings about the game. 

Also, we have one secret question, for which the person who is answering to it right getting a gift. 


Today (01/17/2022) a table tennis championship was held in Târgu Secuiesc.

Many people took part in the championship, but many did not pass because of the weather (a cold wind blew on the streets and it snowed).

Among women, the competition was between three volunteers. The first game was between Nane and Petek (Nane won). Then I and Nane played (of course, Nane won). Petek and I fought for second place (I won).

After the end of the championship, there was a ceremony awarding diplomas and medals.

After receiving the medal, we went for a walk around the city. To celebrate the championship we ate a traditional meal called Lángos. I did not take off my medal until the end of the day.


We started the Turkish club on January 5, 2022. This club was especially important to me. Because it was my first presentation where I addressed people in a different language.

Although I am very used to speaking in public, it was really exciting to introduce your culture and country to people in a different language. Another surprise for me was that 2 people knew Turkish at a really good level. Participants were very motivated and willing to learn Turkish.

That's why I wanted to devote some of our time to Turkish lessons. If people are so eager and motivated, why not? I develop a different idea about this club every day and I really try to spend our time nice, quality and fun.


As we already know, "Green Sun " Association is cooperating with dozens of schools and universities. But because of Covid-19, the majority of them became online and "Green Sun" Association had to stop for a while this type of activities. 

To our delight, as the number of infected people was going down in the city, we again had opportunity to restart cooperation with schools.