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Jenya Ohanyan

The last article

So, finito…( Yes, one year run away and now time to go back.

From one hand I am very happy. The cause is I will see my family, my country, my friends, I missed a lot. From other hand I am leaving here one part of my heart.I lived here almost one year and now is very hard to imagine my life without Kézdivásárhely. I will always remember my adventures in Romania and in Kezdi as well.

Now I am full of emotions and I don’t now what to write. That is happening when you want to say a lot of, a lot of things but that is too difficult.

My last month in Romania

Now is February. It means this is the last month of our project. 11 month, almost 1 year just flew away. Last year during this period I prepared myself for coming to Romania. And when I arrived here, of course some things were the same as I imaged but some things were totally different. But now here everything is very usual for me. But everything has beginning and end․ So I need to enjoy my last days in Kezdi.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

So, at first I would like again to speak about weather. Outside is very cold. Here last time snowed two days before but there is a lot of snow and ice. OK, I agree winter is also beautiful with his white cover, especially beautiful the birds on the trees without leaves. But the same I am impatiently waiting for a spring, maybe because that time I already will be at home, in Yerevan. By the way I am leaving Romania after 3 weeks. Now is almost 10 months that I am here and already start to get used to.

Just a winter's life

So, again time to write a blog article. Well, we can start…)))

Now is middle of January, around 5:30 and the outside is dark. Yes, winter. One wise man said that every season is beautiful. OK, I agree, morever, I like the snow. But it's too cold and too dark..(((

But in spite of cold romanian winter I traveled. I visited my friends in Dragasani. It was far away but I had fun. Always is good to meet your friends․ The road was very long. But I could enjoy Brasov and that is amazing in wintertime.

The snow is telling his fairy-tale

Well, very soon is New Year. I am a bit sad because in my country New year is celebrating quite different. But in anyway, this is my first and last New Year which I will meet out from my homeland, so I can survive. Here already 2 day is snowing. That is really nice. Snow's flakes like a silver butterflies falling down from the sky. And all around is white. So, the snow is telling his fairy- tale and we are continue to live and make that fairy-tale completely.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...!!!

Now is winter. In night came a lot of snow and already is clear- what does it mean- winter in Transylvania. At night we (3 EVS volunteers) opened the window and enjoyed the snow. Unfortunately, as I guess I caught cold. But I have no right to get sick till tomorrow =D. Tomorrow is 14 of December- my birthday and the day of Armenian national evening when I have to present my country. So I must survive 1 day and after I can do what I want, even to get sick :) And about my birthday- this is the first year when I will celebrate it twice.

Sweet november!

The last days of autumn. But unexpectedly they are not cold. This week the weather mostly was sunny and not so cold. 

The life is going on

November is started. As usual-months are starting very soon and also finishing quickly. The days are becoming colder and darker. And after few months I have to leave Romania. I don’t like to say goodbye, actually I hate the days when I have to leave (doesn’t matter where I have to leave and where I have to go). Yes, I am a bit or maybe very emotional.

Autumn in his role

Now, that end of October is here, the days are becoming shorter, the nights are coming sooner and the streets are covered by a light carpet of colorful leaves. Autumn take his role. Although is not my favorite season, because even if you don`t have a reason you can became sad.  Can we speak about autumn depression?? Would it be…..hmm…maybe J, but definitely it is not about me.


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