Ayşe Büşra YILMAZ


  I'm home again after a great weekend and I am thinking about last weekend's... I went to Braşov 5 times before but this trip was more beautiful.

  I love the medieval atmosphere here. Actually, I do not really need a lot of words. In short, I am happy and peaceful...

  I want to go to Istanbul in September because I miss my family...  I apologize for not telling colorful things this week...


   Attention please. This writing is like a bomb loaded with big emotions... Whole my writing is relevant to what I have been feeling in thise week...

  I want to write because I do not feel alien with him... I want to write again because l am feel like madly and peaceful. This feeling amazes me because my every day has a meaning. We do not need lies I am in peace with you.


I guess, I need some vacation. Nowadays, I often think about sea sand and the sun. I want to get lost in a place where I can forget everything. Two things I do not particularly want are phone and people. This desire may be very selfish but I don't care..

My body is not tired, but my soul is tired. This fatigue start is a long time ago and this is ongoing... The future is scaring me and so I want to go to places by the sea...


  I do not like to write after what we lost. Rest in peace; Even when I lost my beloved cousin, l did not want write...

  Although life is a relentless truth, any death at any age is considered early. After you lost Peter Janos unexpectedly, I thought how ruthless life is. 

  I've known Peter Jones since I came here. As far as, I know that He was a helpful, hospitable man who loved all people.

  Generally We should not say "I wish.." after when people die... I think that it is much more valuable to know the existence of our living relatives,friends,family before they die...


I think often these days. ln general, these thoughts are related to myself... I sometimes being dilemmas for example I am asking myself what I am doing here and who these people are... They are not bad thoughts... I guess, I'm trying to get used to it.

I want to give an example to my dilemmas; At the same time I am feeling lonely and crowded. This is bothering me but I know that I can overcome it. I hope I can be feel better...


  Yesterday, as always, we cycled on a bicycle. And we found fresh mineral water on the mound. Despite the fact that we were very tired, all the cooks decided to try the water. We dust the water, rinsed. And that moment in my mind was the idea (I had a problem with acne in my face). I squeezed my face with this water, because women in Turkey wash their faces with mineral water, and in fact it's so good for the skin. I want to tell you something about the benefits of mineral water. This mineral water can opening of dark spots, acne problem solving, anti-aging. Women who live here you can try.


     I was on the plane after a long wait and ı was so excited. I was going to wait for my other volunteer friend when I got off the plane. l am waited an hour and then she came and after an hour our was bus get up.

    We arrived in Brasov after 3 hours and we was meet Attila. When we came home we were very tired and we slept immediately. Isabel and I went out city the next day. This is here was a very small city for me but i loved. It's nice that people use bicycles in everyday life and people seem peaceful.