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Ayşe Büşra YILMAZ


  None of us have a problem with death. we all think we will die when we are old.  why we are thinking about death? You are asking to me now... What are you talking about? l am want say to something about Middle East. Because death is a destiny for children in the Middle East.

  Every folk mourns thinking about the past.  Please know that the past is past and abstain from supporting pro-war countries. Your only concern is what am l to eat today? or where am l to hang out today ?

Entertaining activities will come to Turkish course!

  I started teaching Turkish language and culture. I have 6 participants and they are very relevant That’s why l am so happy.

  In our first lesson we have studied the Turkish alphabet, Turkish dialects, daily conversations, numbers, days and some general words. Next week i will teach them turkish coffee and tell fortunes. l hope they can like this plan.

  I will also tell them how to make the belly dance come into being. l can teach a bit also belly dans for them ıf they want. I can teach turkish recipes and various sweets.I have just started but I have a lot to teach.

Beauty Concept

  Today, the ideal of beauty appears to be a women's issue which is only related to appereance, provoking the consumption desire and making women obsessed with their own bodies. As regards the problem of woman becoming a consumption commodity under the beauty enforcement, it is important to examine certain processes and the structures that generate them.

On the politics of Turkey...

  There are so many different things happening in my country.Turkey's great and powerful economy brought some countries to hinder us. I don't remember much in the past time Turkey but my father always said me that our economy was not good at all. l am want say you we do not have such a problem right now.

lt was a beautiful holiday!

   l was on a 14 days vacation. l went to İstanbul and l saw my family,  l missed them so much and l am feeling so good now.

  l met with my friends and l spent time with my good friends. l loved them and they are perfect person. They are my friend since my college so my colleagues at Kocaeli University journalism department...

  l want telling you about what l did in İstanbul? Actually, l spent time with my mom and l ate Turkish food. And l understand to something about in Romania, l guess, l get used to in here because when l goes in İstanbul, l missed in here...

Does anyone want to try it?

  Hello Everyone, Do you know l came in İstanbul 4 days before and I ate a lot more than my mother's food. l think i will be overweight 

  My mom has a place to food here therefore, l am eating always… (: l am afraid. Okay doesn’t matter when l came back Romania l will contune to zumba. :P

Every last is a start

  Many of my friends finished projects a few days ago.  And most important to me is my favorite person also returned to his country... l am so sad for this status but this has to happen. We all have about future concerns.

  I'm going to see my parents on October 14th. I missed Turkish food very much and missed my mother's food. i will be back here later again.  And I think, I will go to Italy in late November or at Christmas. I have to do some work until then..
I also started yesterday Zumba classes, It was so funny. I went Zumba in İstanbul 3 years ago. I started dancing again, l am feeling happy. :)

What is one million things?

    Especially when l was depressed. I closed my own home, and ı asked myself : why why why.

    I accuse myself of all the questıons I could not find answers. for example, normal people go out and spend time with friends for to get through depression. But l can not do like this. l know, All I’ll will do is sewing my eyes on the carpet and thinking for hours. I can find a million things to get out of that mood. I look at the carpet again and think, 'what is one million things?'

I am determined!

  After a long break, Hello... l went Sigişuara last week again and l met wonderful people...

  I had fun and I am relax now. I came back in here 2 days ago with my friend. We are planning to go to Moldova in the coming days...  We want make hitchhike. l know this is like crazy thing.

  In the coming days we have our potato festival and I will prepare some Turkish cook about potato. I hope they will like my cook because I am determined... I will write again about all things next week.

Do you have some empathy skills?

  I want to talk about new friends I found during EVS. Each one special and nice people... These people I met from every country taught me to be happy...

  In fact each person is no different than the other. we live in different countries and different cultures but we are all the same... Our feelings, our sorrows, our excitement, our joys... So I learned to empathize.


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