Be a volunteer in Budapest (12-months volunteering position, only for Romanian citizens)

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Your hosting organization:

The organization is called Menedékhaz (menedekhaz means: shelter house) and was founded in 2005. The foundation’s goal is helping homeless people and families in need - providing them accomodation and helping them to increase their chances for re-integration with the help of social work and other services.

Menedekhaz Foundation was established in 2005 and it operates 5 institutes: doss- house (for those who live on the street), the daily shelter, a special homeless shelter and 2 families' transitional homes. The first institute was opened in February 2009, named The Daily Shelter, followed by the special doss-house. Two institutes of families' transitional homes were founded in 2010. The foundation also runs two charity shops where donations are sold. Specialists help our clients- social workers, psychologist, doctor. At the moment there are 35 employees in the 5 institutes and the charity shops. 


We hosted young volunteers via European Voluntary Service and the Erasmus+ volunteer projects since 2010. During the last 9 years, we hosted 35 volunteers from different European countries. Our intention is to host volunteers from different countries so that they can work together in a multicultural team. The presence of foreign volunteers became a part of the foundation's life - the volunteers make the daily life more colorful and provide valuable help.

LOCATION: Hungary, 1112 Budapest Muskétás street!.

THE DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT The title: Help right - with us!

Number of volunteers: 4 volunteers (from Italy, Germany, Romania, Poland or any other EU country)

Length of the project: 12 months Starting date: September 2020

Topic: The aim of the project is to support disadvantaged groups, to raise social solidarity and responsibility, to increase equal opportunities and to enrich cultural experiences. The volunteers will help at Menedekhaz Foundation to homeless people and families to make their daily lives easier and more colorful. Also, we intend to support the volunteers’ personal learning process and encourage them to work on their own ideas and initiatives. Through the dissemination, we would like to spread the values and messages of our project, our main target group is the foreign and Hungarian youth. By reaching young people, our goal is to increase their sensitivity towards social problems and encourage them to take an active role in helping disadvantaged groups. They can learn about the European Solidarity Corps' volunteer program and we can inspire and motivate them by the volunteers’ personal experiences to volunteer in their country, abroad or to help people in need in other ways.


•        helping at events for children, families or homeless people

•        babysitting when the parents are busy

•       dinner division

•        participating or leading clubs like: language club, sport art or music activities, movie club

•        helping in charity shops (organizing donations and assistance)

•        managing Facebookand Instagram pages

•        participation in events and festivals with the team of Menedekhaz

•       gardening

•        helping at the reception

•       the opportunity for the cooperation with Hungarian

-    accomodation
-    money allowance for food (paid monthly)
-    pocket money-5 euros/day (paid monthly)
-    unlimited monthly pass for public transportation
-    training before the volunteer activities

-  we encourage you to have your own initiatives (clubs, event, etc.) and we support the volunteer activities, helping you to put your original ideas into action

-  support your learning process

-  2 free days weekly, plus 2 days off monthly

-  online language course in Hungarian

-  the opportunity to work in team with other volunteers - other ESC volunteers and also with Hungarian volunteers

-   multicultural experience-you can work together with volunteers from other countries

-  weekly meeting with the volunteer coordinator

-   mentor - who can help you with the integration to the local community and to learn more about Hungarian culture


-   Weekly about 30 hours activity including the volunteer tasks, meetings, trainings and learning Hungarian language

-   Reliability - carrying through a task that you accepted

-  Working as a team member

-   Honesty and transparency-especially if there is some problem (because if we don't know about it, we can not provide help if it's needed)

Other details: 

The accommodation is in the building of Menedékhâz, a separate apartment for the 4 volunteers with 3 rooms (2 bedrooms and 1 room for common use). The place is in Budapest about 30-40 minutes from the city center by public transportation. We hand your monthly allowance and monthly transportation pass on the 10th of the month. the requests coming from the institutions and the participants' own initiatives. Rarely, we ask them to help on the weekend, but in this case also we ensure the 2 free days weekly. The volunteers will be involved in the dissemination. The online channels (Facebook and Instagram) will be the main tool to share information about the project activities but the volunteers can also share their experiences at events in person.

The profile of our volunteers:

Our expectations:

-   being interested and open to volunteer in social field, especially with children with lower oppurtunities and homeless people

-   having English knowledge at conversational level

-  opennes to learn Hungarian on at least a basic level

Advantages can be:

-   having experience with kids, homeless people or other group with lower opportunities

-   previous volunteer experience (can be local of course)

-  experience in using social media

-  variable and colorful hobbies and willingness to share them

The process of selecting volunteers will be based on their CVs, motivational letters and the Skype interviews.

Application and information: If you have any more question, please don't hasitate to contact Ákos Surányi (, the coordinator of the project, via e-mail.

If you want to apply for the project, as a first step, we ask you the send your CV and motivational letter to Ráduly Attila

Deadline for applying: 31. July, 2020.