Be the student of the Green Sun School

On January 27 the Green Sun Association in the frame of the Think green! Color your life! project starts the after school with environmental theme. On every Tuesday starting at 5 o` clock in the parlor of the Sport motel we are waiting those children who are interested about protecting the nature. The weekly hours will be free and the children find there workshops, green games, movies, interesting conversations, and surprises.

Based on specific didactic methods, the goal of the Green School is to broaden the children view about the world. It does matter what kind of experiences are the children living, what kind of games are we playing with them, because this years determine the well being of them. In the world of electronics the social relations of the children gets narrower, they spend their life between two walls, are torn from the environmental influences . And with their initiative the greens want to change this.

Poster: Céline Berthier Supporting: Erasmus +, the cities sports office