All distance always a circle close. All goodbyes need a meeting end

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Someone says it takes 21 days to get used to something. There are those who argue and argue that it takes at least two months. What happens to a person who has lived eleven months in another country in a virtually unchanged environment? After 11 months of work as a teacher in Vorkuta, I still communicate with some colleagues, with many students and their parents, and just with people with whom I managed to make friends.  I am very used to and still miss the time, people and place.

Living in Romania is a kind of another new habit that is addictive and does not let go. How many just was this time! Dating and farewell, tears of happiness and tears of sorrow, quarrels and reconciliation, friendship and antipathy, love and enmity, and support.

Each person who I met on my way, leaves the trace in my memory. The people I met during my EVS project, were all as a selection – open, interesting, amazing.

I'll leave in a couple of days, but I'll take a piece of each of these people with me. Yes, perhaps, some particles will imperceptible shadow doze in my memory, and some will not leave me and for thousands of kilometers and will constantly remind about itself.

I came for emotions, knowledge, friendship and leaving, I got not only all this. I got warmth and comfort in the country, which 11 months ago was far and strange.

Thank you all for being with me all this wonderful time! I do not say goodbye, I say – until we meet again!

Don't forget that we are all together! 
Don't forget that we're friends! 
Don't forget that we are the orchestra! 
Don't forget that you are me! 

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