European Voluntary Service (EVS)

What is EVS?

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Admission information:

- Supports the Transnational Voluntary Service for people aged between 18 – 30. (You have to start the project before you turn into 31).
- Is focused on non-formal education.
- Organises volunteering services for periods between minimum 2 months - maximum 12 months.
- Covers all costs regarding transportation, visa, accomodation and meals, pocket money along the complete period of the voluntary stage.
- Offers exceptional opportunities for personal development of the volunteer.
- Activities are carried on in the most various fields: art and culture, sports, social services, environment etc.
So, if your’re between 18 – 30 and willing to volunteer in a different country, please adress to the coordinator of Green Sun Association who will help you to find the proper organisation for your stage of volunteering. Also, if you have friends willing to do volunteering, you can infrom them that our association is accredited to send volunteers abroad.
You can access the European database of organisations accredited for European Voluntary Service at